HHS awards $67 million to help uninsured sign up for health coverage

1 for coverage effective in January. We know we have a lot of work to do, but well be ready for whatever comes up, she said in a conference call with reporters. Under the health law, all states must set up Web sites where people can compare and shop for health insurance coverage. People will also be able to find out whether they qualify for subsidies to reduce their costs or whether they are eligible for Medicaid, the state-federal program for the poor. Republicans have raised privacy concerns about the access that navigators would have to personal information from people seeking to buy insurance. Thirteen Republican state attorneys general sent a letter to Sebelius on Wednesday questioning whether there will be enough protection of consumer data in the navigator program. Sebelius said that navigators will be required to adhere to strict security and privacy standards, including how to safeguard a consumers personal information. They will be required to complete 20 to 30 hours of training to be certified and take additional training throughout the year. Training will begin this month.

Orlando Health workers protest pay cuts with online petition

15) by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). She had sought information from a local county animal control service on having bats removed from her home, but was not advised of the rabies risks associated with bats. “Lack of referral to guidance concerning health risks associated with bats living in the home was possibly a missed opportunity to prevent rabies infection,” CDC researchers wrote in the report. Shots of rabies vaccine prevent the infection from taking hold after someone is bitten by an animal carrying the virus. People who have seen bats in their homes are generally advised to seek treatment because bats have small teeth, and bites that occur during sleep can go unnoticed. The vaccine is almost always effective if given before rabies symptoms appear. The South Carolina woman awoke one summer night to find a bat in her room. She shook the animal out of her curtains, and it flew off through a window, her family later said.

Woman’s death from rabies highlights ‘missed opportunity’ in public health

The pay cuts, set to take effect Sept. 8, will reduce differential pay. That is compensation paid in addition to base pay and serves as an incentive for employees to work nights and weekends. The cuts will affect thousands of employees, across eight Orlando Health hospitals.


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