Teens Seeking Weight-loss Surgery Have Startling Number Of Health Issues, Study Says

IT GIVES YOU AN IDEA OF HOW TO MAKE YOUR MEALS SO THAT YOU CAN BUY CONTAINERS AND PORTION YOUR FOODS OUT AND MAKE YOUR OWN AT HOME FOR LESS MONEY. Reporter: TO GO FROM THIS TO THIS, FITNESS AND DIET EXPERTS SAY THERE ARE NO SHORT CUTS. A HEALTHY DIET AND REGULAR EXERCISE GO HAND IN HAND WHEN IT COMES TO GETTING TO YOUR GOAL WEIGHT. HOUSTON – ‘The Voice’ coach Christina Aguilera knows how to wow a crowd with her vocals, but no one expected her reported 50-pound weight loss in a matter of months. She’s been open about her struggles with weight since giving birth five years ago.

Thomas Inge, the study’s lead researcher and a surgeon at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. The study offers reassuring evidence that obesity surgery is generally safe for teens, echoing previous short-term research. While it is a drastic, last-ditch option, major complications including accidental injury to internal organs occurred in just 8 percent of teens. Less serious complications including bleeding and dehydration affected 15 percent of kids during the first month after surgery.


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